Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Inka Road System in North Highland of Peru (1)

The Inka Road System in North Highland of Peru: Methodology for recording in Province of Huari . Ancash

For the Archaeology Field School season 2011 the Project opens Soledad de Tambo site with Royal Inka Road running alongside it. Since 2008 we have been doing work in preservation, cleaning and recording of every architectural component of the site.

Since 1999 Instituto de Estudios Huarinos, the name under which the projects run, has been working with several local governments/municipalities, and in the last 5 years worked in several places but only the sites of Marcajirca and Huamparan have been utilized for a Field School. This year however we proceed with Soledad de Tambo, a site belonging to Inka Empire, and its intertwining Road System. The reasons switching from Huamparan to Soledad de Tambois in 2011 is municipality asking to prioritize the site and the road as they are candidates for Global Heritage for UNESCO title thus following with preservation and research would be necessary.

The research and work in this site is planned to continue until 2014. This year we start with a large team: we have 3 archaeologists, 1 specialist in preservation and workers who will assist in excavation. We also plan to continue the recording of Inka Road of which 12km have been recorded so far and 7Km still need to be covered. We will be very busy. We will also include topography of Soledad de Tambo, the project has a Total Station which will be on site for the most part and we expect students’ involvement in this task.